My fiance and I were getting ready for our next adventure in life. We started this Journey six weeks pregnant and excited for the future, we decided to start Lasaroma as we found value in the beauty of our senses especially when it elevates our memories. Each element of creating our candles we chose to have a natural non-toxic candle and that is why we chose Coconut Soy wax, essential oils for its health benefits as well beautiful fragrance oils that I know you will all know and love.


At thirteen weeks we found out that our little cherub didn't make it full term, We initially created Lasaroma for him/her but also learn't during this journey we have a new found strength in our selves. Makes us more motivated to create something to remind you to breathe, to be grateful and to be present.


To honor my late Mother Joan, we chose to have the Lily of the Valley as our icon and the name Lasaroma is a combination of my name Lisa and my fiance's name Adem Simeon accompanied with AROMA as we aim to create an experience in your safe space.