Lasaroma is a small family business that was born from our own excitement, grief and now healing. We wanted to create something just that - the excitement of smelling your chosen scent, the memory it produces within you and only you can feel as these senses elevates in one single moment. Each element of creating our candles was on purpose from the wax down to the wick, as we aim to create an experience in your safe space. All candles are made on demand and not massed produce, allowing your candle is mindfully being made just for you. 

Just like your candle the Lasaroma name and logo was also mindfully chosen. To honour my late Mother Joan, we chose to have the Lily of the Valley as our icon as this was her favourite flower. The name Lasaroma is a combination of my name Lisa and my husbands initials Adem.S accompanied with AROMA.

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